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About Green Banana

Green Banana Food Company is a social enterprise, registered in the Netherlands & Uganda, that uses under-utilized produce and turns it into high nutrient, high value food products. We build new partnerships, and, with innovation and enterprise, we make a positive impact on your favorite meals & on small farmers. We target agro-industry & green technology sectors and provide innovative solutions. We promote the green growth innovations that enable advances in economic transition, human & social capital development, and natural resource sustainability.

About the creator

Green Banana Food Company was set up by Uganda-born Sean Patrick, who grew up with a love for food & seeking out interesting food fusions: “I have always had a love for food, a love for healthy eating, & a love for creating different fusions. By turning green bananas and pulses & legumes into pasta, I hope to be able to share something I always loved growing up with the rest of the world. For me, Green Banana Food is about creating something, new & fresh while making a positive impact and sharing a bit of myself with you, the end consumer.”


We believe that healthy, tasty food should not be a luxury; that’s why we strive to make accessible and affordable healthy food for everyone. and through innovation and partnerships, families will have access to healthy food across the globe.

We Increase small-scale farmers’ economic revenue by increasing value for under-utilized crops by creating innovative, all natural food products with high value, high nutrient levels, and high energy.

We ascribe to a holistic approach to agri-business development & social innovations focused on healthy, tasty food, respect for people & the environment, and creating win-win situations for customers & producers alike. This organic plan will drive our company’s returns while transforming the lives of the farming communities we work with. Our business strategy and practices focus on

• Ensuring financial self-sufficiency

• Well-being for both body & mind and

• Ecological sustainability

That’s our “triple bottom line”.